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3 Reasons Why Minimalists Still Buy Essential Oils

Being a minimalist means allowing yourself to live more, experience more while owning less things. However, most minimalists we know still buy this specific thing that are probably not part of everybody’s shopping list – essential oils and essential oil diffusers. And we discovered the top three reasons why they still do.  

1. Better sleep
 Countless testimonials prove that it helps you relax your body and mind to get that restful and peaceful sleep you deserve.
Suggested oil blend: lavender + cedarwood + stress away
2. Mental clarity
Most minimalists we know swear by the fact that diffusing oils gives them the focus they need during a stressful work day. They say that they get to finish a task so quickly, they even surprise themselves!
Suggested oil blend: peppermint + frankincense + stress away

3. A ‘pick me up’
 Everybody needs that extra boost of energy in the morning. Studies show that diffusing essential oils in the morning helps you feel energized and ready to take on the day!
 Suggested oil blend: lemon + peppermint
We, ourselves, were doubtful about essential oils (and its benefits) when we first heard about it. But we’re so glad we gave it a try because it did wonders to our sleep and overall health!